I mentioned earlier that I’m embarking on a great adventure with my sister. Well make that sisters! This summer I will be filming a documentary about my work in India. The name of the film is CHALO! Let’s Go! And both my sisters, Cassandra and Vanessa, will be working with me to bring you a really great story about Fashion behind the label. You can check out more about the film at the follwoing links.

On Monday I spent the evening in Meheshwar and attended Jhoole’s second annual Fashion Show. The women walked the ramp and showed off thier year worth of learning and training, and I judged first, second, and third… which was very nerve racking for me. I am so deeply impressed with Hannah, the director of Jhoole, and her dedication and hardwork with organizing the women. It’s been such a joy to see the organization grow from when I first met them and sat inside a pink living room to now with new facilities, fashion shows, and more and more women participating. I’m looking forward to my summer project with Jhoole!
First, second, and third place winners. Our first place winner started to cry. She spent 2 months embroidering, block printing and patterning the dress she’s wearing. Yup, that’s women empowerment for ya!


A movie I just watched for school. A documentary of Ed Burtynsky, a photographer that takes large format photos that beautifully depicts the piles and pits of industrial manufacturing that humankind has left on the face of the earth.

I’ll take a winnie and krishna with a side of sparkle;)

behind buddha

Really , there are no words to describe it so I’ll just let the pictures do all the talking.

Today is a very tough monday to start, especially after I spent yesterday weaving in an out of countless arches and dipping my toes into endless lotus pools built for a harem of 1500 wives.
I spent the day in Mandu yesterday. The company was great, the weather was perfect, and the ride up the mountain was death defying… but what adventure isn’t a little risky.
It’s sureal to happen upon an ancient city that is considered to be one of the top ten forgotten historic sites in the world. And we’re not talking little. The ruins are immense and scattered for miles. The palaces are epic, sprinkled with the most romantic stories of dying love. If I wasn’t so callous hearted, I could easily lose myself in the romance and enchantment. Luckily my black heart pulled us through to the next and next and next, temple and palace.
There were bats at the top of every secret dome and kami-kazi sparrows diving into our hair. Empty graves built inside the first marble tomb in India and temples built inside cliff walls. I’ll be back.

no, no. I never did forget about my blog duties yet feel intense guilt like one that has. You see, I was waiting for something spicy to happen so that I can spring it upon you and say “SURPRISE! isn’t it fabulous.” My friends the time has come, the indian spice has arrived and it came in the form of some not so spicy yet very sweet young darlings that hail from my alma mater, CCA. They are fierce, charming, and just the kind of pick me up that one needs after living in factory for so so endlessly long.
Janine, Sierra, and I took a 4 hour trip to Bagh this past weekend to escape our caves and visit much more ancient caves carved by buddhist monks in the 5th and 7th century. And on the way we ran into some local sweeties.
On a side note. Sierra’s fiery red hair has become a screaming beacon for fun. You wouldn’t imagine the vast crowds that gather just to revel in its glow.