Goods Carriers are the equivalent of Semi’s in the states. You might think these Carriers are all the same but in fact their all uniquely handpainted. Kind of like zebras and they’re all over the place. On every road. In every alley. I saw one flipped on its side like a beached whale in a wheat field this morning. For the most part they make for huge lumbering obstacles on the road. They provide great fun for my driver. I’m convinced he’s trying to keep count of how many he can pass in as little time as possible. It feels just like Lombard street in San Franscico but for an hour every morning and night, going about 40 mph around every curve…or rather every Goods Carrier.
Ohh and by the way…”Horn Please” is painted on every carrier. In India you must honk your horn every time you pass a vehicle. It’s kind of like a “Hey what’s up. I’m passing you. You can’t see me so let me honk soo you can hear me.” Really and truly that’s how casual honking is. Back home honking is very aggressive. Not in India.img_7655check out that fringe. It’s like a little beard….bus-beard.

                                                        HORN              PLEASE