Hello everyone. So the fashion show has been postponed till may 17th, of which I am thankful. It seems that my original requirement of constructing 3 beautiful garments increased yesterday to 10 outfits (about 20 garments). So I’m freaking out a little and desperately wish i can speak to someone who can console me.
I’m moving to New Delhi next week to work with other designers to help me expand the collection. You must be wondering why the absurd amount. I know I was. Well, I’ve been told that the eco convention is no longer showing the work of “budding” designers, but instead I will be showcasing with 6 of India’s top high end established designers as well as the infamous Katharine Hamnett of London, whom shows regularly at paris fashion week. So among them will be little me… freaking out! How, I ask did I end up in the middle of all this. This is an incredible opportunity but I can barely take it all in without passing out just a little. And on top of it, they would like me to speak in front of an audience of 500 about the concept of my collection. Ohhhhh and the cherry on top, the show will be aired live on India’s premier Fashion network……this is about when I start singing Josephine Foster “there are eyes above, their are feet below, I’m in between….Somebody console me.” please.