hey kiddos! I know, I know, its been awhile since my lsat post. I’m sorry, it’s hard to keep up with them. So the good news is that I’m nearly done with my collection and the fashion show is this sunday. For those of you that were looking for a website to check out the event, well there isn’t really one. sorry. But I did treat you to a picture of the my work below. I had to teach myself  how to hand knit using youtube. I think it came out pretty well. And the snowball below? Last week I was witness to one of the only times that anyone can remember it hailing in Dehli. Not just any hail. The entire ground was white with hail. I was on the road when it began. I thought for sure the windows of the car would break. Everyone was so in awe, they were packing the hail into as many bags as they could to take home. The windows of my office actually did break, but luckily I wasn’t there at the time. Not to forget to mention, just prior to the hail I was sitting at an intersection staring out the window at a park when suddenly right in front of me not more than 10 ft away lightning struck a tree. I saw it all, from the brillant blue, to the tree sparking on fire. Very scary but all is well….well kind of. I had to be admitted to the hospital last night…now wait don’t freak out. I’m OK! So don’t be calling the US embassy in dehli looking for me. I’m already feeling better and at home resting. I just got sick with what you might guess as some kind of food poisoning. It was a pretty brutal experience and i hope never to re-live it again but I’m now feeling completely fine. I only wish it would have happened at some other time when I wasn’t so busy. but that’s life. chubby luv everyone. I will let you know how everything went at the show! indiansnowballknittedwaste