red_cutout_modelOHHH! me-het bahoot kushu. that’s not the proper way to spell “I’m very happy” in hindi but it will have to do. The show and event was a raging success. I spoke in front of an audience of 500 and didn’t stutter and stumble one bit  and my collection was very well received. I am told Katherine Hamnett wolf whistled during my collection. I got to meet her after the show “Darling, I thought  your collection was stunning” she said. Her assistant then turned to me and said” she’s not just saying it to be nice. She really did.” WOWWWW! I then stumbled and stuttered through a thank you and and ran away.
I am so relieved it is over and  I am very proud of the work I have created. To be honest I didn’t receive a single measurement of any of the models and the only fitting I had was 2 hours before the event started!very frustrating. It was very tense the whole way through. Luckily I prepared and made all my garments adjustable so the fits turned out very well. Anywhooozz, just a bunch of fashion talk. As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, I posted some pics of the models and my garments from backstage. The girls walked to the tune of “Sun Lips” by black moth super rainbow. Enjoy!








It’s not all the outfits, but it’s a start. I’ll post the professional runway pics as soon as I receive them. And last but not least my speech.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Karina Nadia Michel. I am a graduated of the California College of the Arts in San Francisco  in fashion design.  I am here in India on a collaborative project with Pratibha Syntex with a sustainable effort to reduce textile waste in the fashion industry. This entire collection, of which I have named “A Blossoming” is entirely constructed out of jersey garment waste generated at Pratbha Syntex. It is not a concept based on organic substitution rather a concept focused on up-cycling and redefining the value of waste. In this collection you will find garments made from bone cuttings,  panel rejects, defect knitting, uneven dyeing, and small cut waste.

This is a representation of the value that can be reinstated back into waste with the use of thoughtful design and hand skills. Moving forward, I will spend the next 5 months in Indore, India working with the local women and their hand skills to expand this collection. Thank You (and then they started the runway walk.pretty cool huh?)