Hey Kiddos, so I’m getting ready to start my new project. Don’t worry I’m still continuing on with waste and collaborating with  local stitching communities. I just have a small one month project to get through. Well, “small” by pratibha’s standards, HUGE for me.
So Pratibha has finally finished their recycling facilities. All the cotton and polyester waste that is generated at pratibha can now be recycled back into a yarn. LOVELY! isn’t it. This means that Pratibha can potentially become a no waste facility…or very nearly. Right now they already recycle 92% of the water they use for dying. My job is to do the same for cotton.
There’s a number of different types of waste, and I’m not just talking cut waste. Through out the entire spinning, knitting, and manufacturing of a garment their is waste. They call it droppings…that’s right like little poo droppings. You see I take these little poos and make something beautiful out of it.
I just got out of a meeting with one of the CEOS and today we start spinning yarns weights that I have chosen. Its all very disorienting. I feel like I making the plane while flying it. I have to learn everything on the spot. There’s no one there to guide me or tell me what to say, much less how to say it. I walk into a meeting with little to no idea as to how cotton is spun and walk out screaming orders “No it should be a 20’s 30’s count, at 150 GSM and 50 50 PC .Tikai?!” hahahah..(tikai means ok). Its sink or swim out here. I do ok pretending that I float…so far.
So this next coming week I start knitting and dyeing the collection I’ve designed to promote recylced yarn to Pratibha’s buyers. Super loads of fun. Wish me luck I have a month to design and sample 150 pcs to show to Wal Mart, Tesco, and Marks and Spencer.