So I finally got the pro pics from the Fashion show!!! finally! I’ll put them in a series of posts, but to start….I just found out that i made it into pg 3 of the Dehli times and Hindustan Times of India. I’ve been told they are the two most popular newspapers in India …kinda like the New York times . WOWOWOW! pg 3 is suppose to be reserved for the celebrities…that’s right people I’m famous for sure!!! hahahaha. what does a girl do with soo much fame in a little unkown place like indore. Promise you’ll save your wide eyed enthusiam for me the next time I see you…even if I don’t see you for years…I hopes not that long but nevertheless you must react exactly like you just heard it for the first time. hahahaha… just being silly…kinda.HT City 28th May, 2009Article 2