So I took some time off from work and blogging as most of you already know. And well, I’m back at it. I arrived back to India yesterday and after four airplanes amounting to a total of 36 hours from texas to my factory home in India, I decided or rather fell into a deep 18 hour nap. I woke up this morning convinced that I would be taking over the world by sunset but discouraged when I discovered my water heater was broken. i forget, this is india and nothing comes so conveniently. But I think that’s what keeps me coming back…because even getting up and ready in the morning is in itself a bit of a challenge..relatively speaking.
On a lighter note I arrived at my office this morning to find three bright eyed young darlings eager to meet me. It seems that someone has forgotten to mention that I’ve been apart of a mentorship program that has been going on for the past 2 months…. and well, I am the mentor. So now I am racked with guilt, having been on leave for 2 months. Wish me luck my luvs. Like they say out of the fire into the flames.