Last night the girls and I spent 45 minutes looking for butter. We hit up 3 small towns and hollered at every road side stall ‘”I butter want, okay!!!”
And by holler I mean to say that I’ve become the local court jester with my attempt at learning hindi. I’ve realized that any effort to maintain a shred of my dignity while learning hindi is completely futile. I figure I might as well take the low low road about it and scream unabashedly at the top of my lungs “I you like, okay!… We let be friends, okay….Spoon, left, right, Shiva Ji wife!!!!!!!!”

The girls have become very proud with all that I have learned and do well to let everyone know how well I’ve progressed. Yesterday during tea time with the company director and his wife, the girls begged me to recite all my weeks worth of vocabulary. So unabashedly, I did. “Spoon! Bowl! Banana, Guava, I food eating! Food good taste, bad taste, okay! bad, good, verrry, hot, it be raining! little, little , stop! done…okay! I’ve even gone as far as to scream out every word that I recgonize in a conversation. “Women!”…..”Up!”……”DOWN!” “Good!” okay!”
oh dear, me. this is surely not the best way to learn hindi… but I gotta start somewhere.