This month marks my year anniversary in India. I arrived March 26th of 09. It seems there is no end in sight either. Meaning I will always be connected to india.  I’ve begun to burrow and my roots have begun to spread, reaching deeper into many new projects.

Every year the company I work for , Pratibha Syntex, organizes a trip to a village to  commemorate a new school funded by the company. The initiative is called ‘Friends of Tribal society”. It’s a grand occasion and the entire village welcomes the company and we usually sit down under a tree and watch a class being given to the local children. Afterwards, we speak to the families and visit their homes and they describe their lives to us. I have little to no input in the occasion. I am more so just a participant or an observer, but nevertheless I enjoy it very much. And in the end it offered some very sweet and innocent moments.  On every occasion Pratibha’s doctor comes out to asses the health of the children and to administer vaccinations but on this occasion the minute the local children new there were shots to be given they took flight, feet barely even touching the ground across the open cotton field they ran, all 40 so of them. The parents followed in pursuit screaming and chasing down what few they could.  Everyone instantly began to laugh

Finally at the end of the day many of the families asked to take pictures with me and happily I obliged. They all took out their cellphones and lined up to stand next to me and my friends from the company.