all I can say “FINALLY.” I’ve been trying to arrange a Women Empowerment workshop for months and I must admit, I am most to blame for the delay. Between mentoring 5 design students, designing all company output media/ branding, overseeing 9 summer/spring LOOP collections, and basically the only person with very basic graphic design schools in what seems to be a 50 mile radius, needless to say, I’ve been swamped and chained to my computer. But enough is enough, I put my foot down, arranged a car, designed and printed 10 scarves and took off by myself to Meheshawar last friday and taught my first workshop on reverse applique. The women were thrilled and Hannah Warren of Jhoole, the NGO representing and organizing the women in Meheshwar, was much relieved as you might guess after so long of breaking my promises.
If any of you are keeping track of my posts, you may already know that I won an award in London for an ensemble created from post production textile waste. Well, we are now expanding that ensemble into a collection built by the women and made from post production waste donated by the company I work for, Pratibha Syntex. I believe it proves that many of the roles in fashion whether it be fashion designer, manufacture, or craftsman, that have in the past worked in a fractured system, can now work together on a very intimate and collaborative platform to produce products that are innately recognizable and at the same time deal with very real issues such as women empowerment and industrial textile waste.
More and more I realize that the opportunities I have found here in India I could never even dreamed of having back home and although I am spread so thin between so many projects and in constant fear that I am compromising the quality of my work, I am confident that regardless of the result, I have in what is to be a year now  in India become a much stronger and much more dynamic designer…if not just person. Today I miss my friends and family terribly and hope they understand that I’ve not sacrificed them for my career but rather everything I do is for them.