Things are really starting take off with women empowerment. I’ve been visiting every weekend for the past month now and the women are starting to produce some really beautiful work.
We’ve completed our first project. I designed some scarves to make so that I could gage the consistency in their work and skill level and handed them out. Its been three weeks and its apparent that the women are incredibly skilled creatign work that blows my pieces out of the water and after spending some time refining the consistency between each women I am confident we now have a group of very talented young women that are eager to create beautifully crafted products.
Saturday has now become my saviour. It’s the only day during the week were I get to escape my factory home and visit a beautiful town and sit in a beautiful upstairs room with nothing but women and children and create and imagine. Hannah pointed out to me today that a number of the younger women have begun wearing jeans and t-shirts on the days that I visit as opposed to their saris or traditional dress. It’s in these small unspoken gestures that I’m touched by the sincerity of the women and a beckoning to return begins to grow in me. Saturday never comes soon enough.
A quick note, the hindi is starting to come along as well. I’m actually putting together full sentences and understanding conversations. Thats more than what I can even say for my english! hah!