no, no. I never did forget about my blog duties yet feel intense guilt like one that has. You see, I was waiting for something spicy to happen so that I can spring it upon you and say “SURPRISE! isn’t it fabulous.” My friends the time has come, the indian spice has arrived and it came in the form of some not so spicy yet very sweet young darlings that hail from my alma mater, CCA. They are fierce, charming, and just the kind of pick me up that one needs after living in factory for so so endlessly long.
Janine, Sierra, and I took a 4 hour trip to Bagh this past weekend to escape our caves and visit much more ancient caves carved by buddhist monks in the 5th and 7th century. And on the way we ran into some local sweeties.
On a side note. Sierra’s fiery red hair has become a screaming beacon for fun. You wouldn’t imagine the vast crowds that gather just to revel in its glow.