Today is a very tough monday to start, especially after I spent yesterday weaving in an out of countless arches and dipping my toes into endless lotus pools built for a harem of 1500 wives.
I spent the day in Mandu yesterday. The company was great, the weather was perfect, and the ride up the mountain was death defying… but what adventure isn’t a little risky.
It’s sureal to happen upon an ancient city that is considered to be one of the top ten forgotten historic sites in the world. And we’re not talking little. The ruins are immense and scattered for miles. The palaces are epic, sprinkled with the most romantic stories of dying love. If I wasn’t so callous hearted, I could easily lose myself in the romance and enchantment. Luckily my black heart pulled us through to the next and next and next, temple and palace.
There were bats at the top of every secret dome and kami-kazi sparrows diving into our hair. Empty graves built inside the first marble tomb in India and temples built inside cliff walls. I’ll be back.